What is DSLR camera and how to use?

What is DSLR camera and how to use?

What is DSLR camera and how to use?

What is DSLR camera Today, in modern times and fashion, there is hardly anyone who is not fond of being photographed, even though mobile cameras have promoted selfies, but today DSLR camera is still the first choice for royal photography. DSLR cameras are used in function functions etc.

People may have used DSLR camera but do not know about it well, although they know that DSLR camera works in good photography but they do not know how this camera works, what are the functions of this camera and How it differs from other digital cameras.

Today though many new selfie phones have come, but there is a difference of day and night between the photo taken from DSLR camera and the photo of the phone. DSLR features are very different from the camera of smartphone. In this post, we will know about this kind of camera. What happens, how does it work, what is its function.

DSLR camera is a digital single-lens reflex camera that captures photos and videos in distal format and records it with the help of an electronic image sensor. In this camera you can delete the photo to see it immediately after taking a photo. Can take a new photo instead.

Its lens is also very advanced and it is very different from our film camera, its features make it new unique. Its lens and advanced features help you take a perfect picture. Let's know how the parts of DSLR camera work. .

How a DSLR Camera Works

When we look at the U Find a eyepiece of a DSLR which is located in the camera bag then the vision we see through the lens means that you are going to capture everything that is in your eyes. Comes in front of.

The light from that scene comes through your camera lens to the Relax mirror while the camera is positioned above the chamber creating a 5 degree angle that then forwards the light vertically to an optical element called enterprisM.

When taking a picture, the reflex swings a neutral exception allowing it to block the vertical eighth and allows the light to enter to open up the sweater and light up the image sensor.

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