how to connect mobile to tv with usb cable, connect any set top box to mobile watch tv, How do I connect my phone to my TV with a set top box?

Connect any set top box to mobile watch tv

  • Friends, do you know about USB tethering, then if you do not know then you should keep up with this post?
  • First of all let me tell you, you can connect TV set top box or any other device from mobile in a very easy way.
  • You have to go to the settings of the mobile, after that you have to go to the hot spot on the Pro Table and at the same time you will see the option of USB tethering, you will turn it on.
  • Now you have to put your mobile data in cable TV set top box or any other device.

  • Suppose you have installed USB data cable in the set top box, now you have to go to the settings of your set top box, there you have to select the USB data cable option by going to the Internet option, since then now your setup box Ready has been connected to the Internet, now you will be able to enjoy YouTube TV channels which are Internet-run apps and TV channels in your setup box.

How to connect any mobile to TV or set top box.

  • To know more about this, I have made a video on YouTube which is in Hindi language and you can understand it by watching it and if you understand Hindi language then you can understand it well by listening to it. Click on the link below.

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